2016: Color

In 2016, Reiman Gardens will celebrate color for its theme. From garden-inspired Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® bricks sculptures in classic bold colors, to a rainbow of tulips; from romantically lush landscapes designed with inspiration by landscape designer Gertrude Jekyll to bright colored plantings in the Children’s Garden, the Gardens will be alive with color and beauty. Join us on a journey to explore the amazing colors that surround us in the Gardens.

Garden Display “Sugar & Spice” Holiday Train

in the Hughes Conservatory from November 18 through January 8

The popular RG Express train returns for the holidays, and this year it chugs through a sweeter landscape! From gumdrops to candy canes to ribbon candy, the holidays are full of colorful candies and food. Our whimsical train display will be as sweet as can be in the Hughes Conservatory with plantings inspired by colorful candy. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Gallery Art Show by Erna Waterman

in the Garden Room from September 2 through December 31

My Aunt Peggy said “life is a gamble at best” and that sums up art for me. Sometimes my artistic style is a slow rocky road with a few wonderful small delights along the way. Sometimes my art is a fast and fabulous creation. Other times my artwork missed the mark, which after giving it a rest, is recycled as a foundation to build a more contemporary piece from what comes to mind at the time I begin again anew.

I enjoy sketching often to improve my visual focus. I sketch people on the light rail train (Downtown Denver’s mall shuttle) and airports. Sketching is a way to figure out what is important and ignore what it not important. I earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, as well as degrees in geology and environmental/civil engineering. Some people are surprised by the various degrees but they have suited me well.

I work in a variety of mediums (watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media and encaustic) and subject matter. I enjoy working on a theme or series when possible. Some of these are skies, rocks at the water’s edge, fall colors, cats, birds, florals, and interesting places. I hope my artwork is a treasure to enjoy to those who buy them. I really appreciate your interest and support.

I am a native of Colorado reared in the high San Luis Valley surrounded by the San Juan and the Sangre De Cristo mountain ranges. I enjoyed walking the Sand Dunes National Park, fishing and playing in the tributaries to the Rio Grande, and experiencing the Hispanic culture, especially the food. I once lived in and currently visit Utah regularly which like the valley, has wonderful high mountain views.

I’ve lived the last nearly thirty years in Littleton, CO which has many opportunities such as taking art workshops and classes as well as trying other challenges. In 2016, I entered two plein-air painting events, one in Utah (Utah Watercolor Society) where I painted two small watercolors, and the second in Littleton, Colorado where my oil paintings were from scenes at the Carson Nature Center and the Littleton Historic Farm.

My work is a reflection of my life. Hopefully my art is like attending a concert or a play, adding depth to our lives. A quote by Rodin (1840-1917) captures my art journey in that “nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”