2016: Color

In 2016, Reiman Gardens will celebrate color for its theme. From garden-inspired Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® bricks sculptures in classic bold colors, to a rainbow of tulips; from romantically lush landscapes designed with inspiration by landscape designer Gertrude Jekyll to bright colored plantings in the Children’s Garden, the Gardens will be alive with color and beauty. Join us on a journey to explore the amazing colors that surround us in the Gardens.

Sculpture Exhibit: “Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® Bricks” by Sean Kenney”

from April 23 through October 31

It’s back! Reiman Gardens will host the popular and very colorful Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® bricks exhibit with all new sculptures and everyone is hoping to be part of the excitement! Simulating how all living things are interconnected, the exhibit features 13 larger than life, eye-popping displays made with 500,000 LEGO® brick pieces by artist Sean Kenney. When the Gardens first featured the Nature Connects exhibit in 2012, it was greeted with much enthusiasm. This exhibit features brand new sculptures and plenty of opportunities to fascinate children (and adults) of all ages. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Macrophotography Show by artist Albert Rhea

in the Garden Room Gallery until December 31

Two of Rhea’s shows are featured in the Garden Room. They include: Butterfly Habitat Series and Medicine Metaphor Series. Photographer, Albert Rhea, artist’s statement, “To me, macrophotography, sometimes also referred to as close-up photography, is magical because it takes us unto a smaller universe of vibrant colors, exquisite details and extraordinary patterns that can literally take your break away. This is especially the case when doing macro photography of wildflowers and butterflies which provide an incredible variety of shapes and colors that could potentially keep me engaged for a lifetime. Macro photography can be challenging because it involves moving in close and magnifying what is there beyond our normal perception of it. Macro photography is a magical realism as seen through other eyes.” www.rheaphotos.com

Garden Display “Cardinal & Gold”

in the Hughes Conservatory from August 26 through November 13

At Iowa State University, cardinal and gold are not just the colors many of our deciduous trees transform to in the fall! While the football team wins games in nearby Jack Trice Stadium, Reiman Gardens will be celebrating the red and gold autumnal colors found in the Gardens each autumn with an exciting display focused on ISU cardinal and gold plants in the Hughes Conservatory.

Garden Display “Sugar & Spice”

in the Hughes Conservatory from November 18 through January 8

The popular RG Express train returns for the holidays, and this year it chugs through a sweeter landscape! From gumdrops to candy canes to ribbon candy, the holidays are full of colorful candies and food. Our whimsical train display will be as sweet as can be in the Hughes Conservatory with plantings inspired by colorful candy.

Garden Display “Colour & the Cottage Garden”

in the Campanile Garden from May 9 through October 15

British horticulturist and author Gertrude Jekyll changed the way the world looked at garden design in her innovative use of soft colors to convey the sense of romance. Her designs featured drifts of plants in specific colors. She wrote many titles including, Colour in the Flower Garden. Learn about her contribution to modern gardening.

Garden Display “Let’s Color!”

in the Children’s Garden from May 9 through October 15

Crayons, paint brushes, and markers are used by children to color their world. Mother Nature paints the world with equally vibrant flowers, leaves, and insects. Explore the Children’s Garden’s spilling and swirling primary and secondary colors creating a horticultural tapestried work of art!

Garden Display “My Colorful Plate”

in the Home Production Garden from May 9 through October 15

A well-balanced meal includes a colorful plate of fruits and vegetables. Red apples, orange peppers, leafy greens, purple tomatoes, yellow squash and many other healthy foods will be grown in the Home Production Garden this summer. Stop by and learn about MyPlate from the USDA and the colorful vegetables you could grow to fill your own plate.

Garden Display “FluoreSCENT”

in the Herb Garden from May 9 through October 15

Each year the herb garden is packed with delightful aromatic herbs used by cultures around the world for a myriad of uses. Never has it looked so colorful! Stroll and smell the brightly colored flowers mingled with herbs used for essential oils and scents.

Garden Display “Blue Ribbon Garden”

in the Trial Garden from May 9 through October 15

Every summer county fairs across Iowa award blue, red, white and other colorful ribbons for the first, second, and third place contestants. Explore the vibrant Trial Garden where we grow and evaluate plants that become the next blue ribbon winners.

Garden Display “Prairie Prisms”

in the Stafford Garden from May 9 through October 15

Natural coloring for fabric, paper, and other items have been derived from plants and insects for centuries and some of the best dyes originate from native prairies. Stroll through the prairie plantings of the Stafford Garden to learn more about dye-based colors originating from prairie plants and insects.