2017: Water

Washed Ashore

Water is life! In 2017 Reiman Gardens celebrates water as its theme and the plant, insect and human lives it sustains. The Gardens is alive with colorful displays inspired by all things water-related – from umbrellas and fountains to sea monsters and surfing. The importance of water will be on display with the Washed Ashore™ exhibit whose trash to art sculptures highlights the importance of clean water. Join us at the Gardens as we show you the power and beauty of water in the Gardens!

sculpture exhibit: “Washed Ashore™”

throughout Reiman Gardens from April 29 – October 31

Reiman Gardens will feature 10, larger-than-life sea creature sculptures made from trash collected from beaches to graphically illustrate the issue of the pollution in our oceans and waterways. Clean water is important to all life, and Reiman Gardens is the first public garden to bring you this message of conservation, protection and recycling through these original, inventive and imaginative garbage-to-art sculptures. CLICK HERE to learn more.

garden display: “Totally Tubular”

in the Hughes Conservatory from April 28 – August 12

Catch a wave all summer in the Conservatory and explore plantings inspired by surfing the big breaker. Riding a wave that forms a tube is ‘radical’ and so are the amazing tubular-shaped flowers featured in this Conservatory display.

gallery show: “Finding the Exceptional in the Ordinary”

in the Garden Room from April 3 – June 30

By Mark Stoltenberg Photography

Artist Statement:

The mission of my photography is to present images and environments with a unique perspective and spectacular light. It may be a lonesome, snow covered tree on an isolated farm or the simplicity of a cosmos flower at dawn. My hope is that these images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in you, the viewer.

Artist Biography:

Writing a bio page presents questions in my mind as to exactly what people want to know about the person behind the camera. What is relevant, what is necessary? I hope this will suffice.

My name is Mark Stoltenberg, and I live in Ames, Iowa. My degree is in Liberal Arts from UNI. I am a self-taught photographer and have been taking pictures for over 35 years. Along the way I have had careers in music, retail management, communications and project management.

Currently I teach photography at Reiman Gardens on the campus of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Classes range from Beginner Photography to Macro Photography to Light Painting to The Art of Seeing. In the recent past I spent several years doing fine art shows throughout Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Photography is a passion of mine. Photography allows me to capture the world around me and share it with others. I print, mat and frame my own artwork. I am an award winning teacher and fine-art nature and landscape photographer.

My photography business offers a very diverse range of services including but not limited to family or high school senior images, corporate or event assignments, real estate photography, public speaking and private photography coaching. To contact me about these services, please email me at: mark@markstoltenbergphoto.com. To view more of my art and photography services please check out my website at www.markstoltenbergphoto.com.

garden display: “Thrillers, Spillers & Tummy Fillers”

in the Herb Garden from May 15 – October 15

Find innovative inspiration in non-traditional planting methods in the Herb Garden this summer. See thyme, oregano and other culinary herbs spilling from fountains creating a thrilling and surprisingly colorful display that will inspire both the chef and gardener in all of us!

garden display: “From the Deep”

in the Campanile Garden from May 15 – October 15

Dive in deep and see something amazing. The depths of the oceans are the source of tales of fantastical monsters both real and imaginary. Enjoy the enchanting Campanile Garden display inspired by sea monsters from oceans deep!

garden display: “Bath Time & Bubbles”

in the Children’s Garden from May 15 – October 15

Children love water! Whether watching the stream under the covered bridge, the surprises in the frog splash pad, or enjoying an inventive display inspired by bath time and bubbles, don’t miss the Children’s Garden!

garden display: “Torpedoes & Tomatoes”

in the Home Production Garden from May 15 – October 15

Just as submarines explore the deep ocean, visiting the Home Production Garden will allow you the opportunity to explore some of the tasty components common to submarine sandwiches. Get inspired and dive deep to learn more about growing all types of vegetables.

garden display: “Cardinal Tide”

in the Hughes Conservatory from August 18 – November 11

Red is on display this fall in the Conservatory. While you may not visit a beach experiencing a crimson tide, you won’t want to miss the Iowa State inspired plant-based Cardinal Tide that engulfs the Conservatory.

garden display: “Snow & Ice”

in the Hughes Conservatory from November 17 – January 6

The popular RG Express train returns for the holidays, and this year it chugs through a landscape of snow and ice! Shimmering icicles, beautiful snowflakes, white poinsettias and snow-flocked trees will create a frozen landscape for the whimsical train display. This year will feature a brand new structure, the Marston Water Tower, which will become a permanent part of the annual display.


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