Julia Child Rose

Julia Child rose
In the UK the Julia Child rose is known as the Absolutely Fabulous Rose because it is named after Julia Child the chef. This specific breed of rose is not that old, and was bred in 2004 by Tom Carruth. In 2006 this rose was introduced in the United States and also was the 2006 All American Rose Selections winner.
The defining characteristic of the Julia Child rose is the golden butter and gold color of the petals along with the bright green foliage. This particular type of rose is usually a medium size, has a round appearance, and an open petal formation. Warmer climates let the rose last larger and grow to its potential. The height of this bush is on average 25” to 30” with a spread on average 20” to 25”.
Growing the Julia Child rose in central Iowa is a bit different from the rest of the United States and even other parts of Iowa.  Roses should be planted at the end of March or beginning of April. Water regularly to get plants established. Fertilize the plant three times a year during early spring, during the first bloom, and late July using a general all-purpose fertilizer.  Deadheading, weed, and pest control must be looked at on a weekly basis to maintain an optimal looking plant.  In USDA hardiness zone 5 this rose is hardy. Plants become dormant in mid-November. To prevent strong winds from damaging the canes you should tie twine around the plant.  After the winter in early April prune them by removing the twine and cut one inch below the dead areas. In colder areas you will need to provide winter protection for the rose by adding an extra foot of soil and 3 feet of straw or loosely packed leaves after you tie the canes up in November. Remove this winter protection in late March.
Garden beds and borders are great ways to display this plant in a landscape setting. Another excellent aspect of this rose is to use it as a cut flower and in floral arrangements. Among various rose plants this plant is great for landscaping because of its resistance to mildew, disease, and its bright color.
The Julia Child rose can be found in the AARS Trial & Display Garden, which is just south of the Campanile Garden. This is always a great place to look at a variety of different roses to find the one that fits your personality, gardening needs, and preference. Be sure to stop by Reiman Gardens to check out this breed of rose and see why Julia Child herself fell in love with this rose!
By Carleigh Rose – Retail Management Intern