October 15 2012

close up of a mottled butterfly with blue and white

As part of Reiman Gardens’ 2012 theme “Some Assembly Required” the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing features the display entitled “Yarn Bomb” which features crocheted and knitted pieces around benches, trees, and planters. Before the display was installed, the staff was unsure how the butterflies would react to the colorful yarn creations. As it turned out, while the display caught the attention of visitors, the butterflies paid no attention to the installation. Only one species, individuals from the genus Hamadryas or Cracker butterflies, landed on it with some frequency. The Cracker butterfly’s common name comes from their ability to make an audible crackling sound. When at rest the Cracker butterfly sits with their wings open, and their wing textures are reminiscent of the pattern of the knitted and crocheted pieces. The “Yarn Bomb” display will be removed from the Butterfly Wing at the end of the month, but the Cracker butterflies will remain. They will have to find another location to rest their wings.