January 15, 2013

butterfly display wall

If you haven’t already noticed, the butterfly display board in the Exhibit Hall is being completely overhauled with new pinned butterflies as well as a new layout. While the old display was organized according to the butterfly’s country of origin, the new display is grouped by butterfly families. This new organizational system makes it better to compare closely related species, which helps strengthen the display’s educational purpose. You will still be able to find the butterfly’s country of origin by looking at the label next to each species. The colored bars at the top of the label coordinate to a map included on the display board.

The new display also has a broader focus than just the butterflies flown in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing, so you will be able to find many additional butterflies that you won’t see in the Butterfly Wing. On your next visit to Reiman Gardens stop and see the new butterfly display board. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite butterfly or moth.