Iowa Naturally Sculptures

Athirst by Sarah Deppe

Hey everyone, my name is Spenser Johnson. I’m the Graphic Design/ Communications intern here at Reiman Gardens this summer. My responsibilities include designing a variety advertisements and print material for the Gardens along with taking photos of the Gardens. During my photographic wanderings of Reiman Gardens I have had the experience to really look at some of the sculptures and artworks that are placed throughout the gardens as part of this year’s theme year “More than Meets the Iowa”.

My personal favorite, located by Lake Helen, is Athirst by Sarah Deppe. This sculpture is my favorite because of its message of balance. The white whale and black whale made of complementing material, making a circular motion with their bodies that echoes the yin yang. The sculpture is also a commentary about Iowa’s, and the rest of the modern worlds, struggle for balance between nature and industry, a balance that seems to be more difficult to maintain.