December 2013 – Christmas Tree Care

indoors at Reiman Gardens with a holiday tree and containers with poinsettias

December 2013
Christmas Tree Care

Nothing beats the incredible scent and natural appearance of a fresh Christmas tree. But it’s important to take care of your fresh tree to keep it attractive as long as possible.

Key is watering, and keeping it watered! Use clean fresh water and never allow the reservoir to go dry. Check daily, especially at first as cut trees will use a lot of water those first couple of days.

There are many home “remedies” that will supposedly keep a tree fresher longer, such as adding to the water lemon-lime soda, bleach, or even aspirin. But these simply don’t work.

At the end of the holiday season, you can recycle your tree. Cut off branches and lay them over less-hardy perennials and other low-lying plants in the garden. The branches provide extra protection during winter.

Prepared by Aaron Steil, Manager of Public Programs