RG Butterfly App

Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites) close up with grey markings with orange and black markings

Reiman Gardens has released a cool new butterfly app which you can use on your smart phone, tablet or PC. It has lots of useful, fascinating information on butterflies. The RG Butterfly App, as it is called, has an extensive photo gallery of butterflies and moths which can be found in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing as well as species native to Iowa. The app also includes a fun trait based key which allows the user to use traits such as colors and size to identify butterflies. It also gives information on the Butterfly Wing, informing you about how many butterflies are currently in the Wing, the featured butterfly for the day, and a daily note on what’s new and different in the Butterfly Wing. The RG Butterfly App can be accessed by visiting www.RGbutterflyapp.com.

Photo caption: Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites)