Aliens Have Invaded the Gardens!

Hybrid Collaboration by Anthony Castronovo

Aliens have invaded the Gardens! Every year Reiman Gardens introduces a new theme. This year’s theme is 2014: A Garden Odyssey, creating a science fiction feel throughout the Gardens. From alien sculptures to strange plants, you’ll feel like you’ve landed on a distant planet.

Wander into the Hughes Conservatory, and you’ll find a plant like you’ve never seen before. The Gardens features various unique science fiction inspired sculptures, including one entitled Hybrid Collaboration created by University of Iowa’s Anthony Castronovo. The sculpture combines human and plant parts to create an alien, robot-like form. The sculpture uses human arms as the base or stem of the plant, which hold glass flowers filled with color changing LED lights that enhance the robot aspect even farther. The sculpture is also interactive. You can change the LED lights to the color of your choice by texting the number written on the sign next to the sculpture.

See if you can find all of the alien inspired sculptures during your next visit to Reiman Gardens.