Camera Shy Butterflies

close up Blue Morpho Butterfly with blue wings with black edges on a pink flower

We get lots of shutterbugs in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing, all hoping to get some brag worthy shots of the beautiful butterflies flitting about, but some butterflies are trickier to photograph than others.

Morphs, for example, are notorious for being hard to photograph, and sometimes they even give me—a seasoned butterfly photographer—a hard time. We recently received a new shipment of a Morpho species, Amathonte Morpho (Morpho amathonte), but they refused to hold still long enough for any close ups.

I even had a morph on my finger at one point, but as soon as I set it down to take its photo, away it went. So be especially appreciative when you do get good shots of certain butterflies that won’t hold still for you long enough, or won’t display the prettiest part of their wings for you. It will be a victory well earned.

Photo caption: Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides)