Annual Themes

sculpure in the shape of a bromedliad plant made from lego bricks

Here at Reiman Gardens, we are celebrating the Past, the Present, and the Future due to it being our 20th Anniversary. We are celebrating the past, taking in the present, and looking to the future of these wonderful gardens. In the past, we have had many different themes to celebrate events. One year, our theme was Landscape Before Time; we had sculptures of dinosaurs throughout the Gardens and many plants that related to Jurassic times. To celebrate this past theme, we have returned some of the dinosaurs and Jurassic plants to the Children’s Garden. I encourage everyone to go check them out because they are really awesome!

Another theme we have celebrated is Some Assembly Required. For this theme we had an artist who designs sculptures out of LEGO® bricks create some artwork to place around the Gardens. People of all ages really enjoyed these exhibits because everyone has played with LEGO® bricks at least once in their lifetime. There is still a small sculpture located at the front desk that you can admire!

  • Sam