From Past to Present

My name is Jessica and I am the Garden and Landscape Maintenance intern. I am currently a to-be-junior at Iowa State University with a double major in biology and horticulture. As I was accepted into the Reiman Gardens family, I wondered why I came to ISU. Every person has a back story, all with interesting details, with mine being no exception.

Here’s the run down:  I was an anti- social nerd that may have liked school a little too much. We all crave knowledge. When we are interested in something, we must devour every little detail about that thing. I was like this in high school.

For the longest of times, writing was what I craved. Back then I was positive that I was going to come to college for writing. It was such a prominent part of my life that I still write as a hobby, keeping all of my old stories from as long as 10 years ago! Even though I’m not going to college for writing, my past fascination with storytelling has given me the experience to share with people my experience with plants. This shows that anything from your past can help you become a better person for today.