How the Past Shaped my Future

Reiman Gardens irrigation system with green grass behind it

Hello! My name is Dillon, and I’m the Turf Grass and Irrigation Maintenance intern this summer. I am currently heading into my senior year at Iowa State working towards my Bachelors in Agricultural Business with a minor in Agronomy. When I look to my past it’s filled with twists and turns that I believe everyone has experienced at one time or another. As I work at Reiman Gardens I wonder just how I got here.

As a kid I loved being outside, getting dirty and working with my hands. I grew up in the country with an older brother and older sister. Whether we went to the dredge ditch to play in the stream, to running around in our grove playing hide and seek, to building whatever we could with the resources available.

When I applied at Reiman Gardens I got super excited and felt like a kid again. I was going to be able to build/fix irrigation systems and take care of their grass. Who doesn’t like getting a little muddy every now and again? I would have never thought that the projects I worked on as a kid would ever benefit me in the future. This just goes to show that the little things you do in the past can affect what you’re doing in the present which ultimately shapes your future.