Interesting Treehouses

sculpture exhibit of tree houses with a wood treehouse with pieces cut into it

Every year, Reiman Gardens creates a new theme to decorate the gardens. This year it is all about celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Gardens. Throughout the year, we will be celebrating the outstanding achievements of the past and looking forward to the future! Come and explore the Gardens to experience the celebration though displays featuring garden parties, fireworks and our InTREEguing TREEhouses.

There are eight unique treehouses to represent each specific garden. The treehouses were created by local designers, architects, artists, and students to show inspiration from the surrounding trees and environment. My personal favorite, The Metaphotonic Pod, created by Reinaldo Correa and Curt Engelhardt which is inspired by the celebration of birth and transformation. They used the process of metamorphosis and the microscopic scales on butterfly wings to spark their inspiration.

See all eight treehouses while helping us celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

– Kasey