Marcelo Almeida de Oliveira Junior

outdoors with yellow flowers and green trees

I am Marcelo Almeida, an agronomy major and exchange student at Iowa State. I was born and raised on a small farm in Brazil which lead me to choose to study agronomy. I have the opportunity to work at Reiman Gardens as the Greenhouse and Glasshouse Management intern. I am trying to learn more about this area of study and apply what I learn in my home country. In Brazil, we do not separate horticulture from agronomy, which is why I am so interested in this area. I am mostly interested in medicinal and aromatic herbs. I am a big plant lover, I like every kind of plant and how they all have their own importance for nature. Medicinal and aromatic herbs called my attention because they have been used for a long time in human life. Medicines, teas, and perfumes are a few of the things that can be made by these plants. In Brazil, I worked with a medicinal garden at my university and I started to give more attention to those plants and how we can produce them for the market. This is a picture of my garden in Brazil.