New Experiences

close up of a butterfly on a yellow flower

Hello everyone, my name is Mandalyn, and I am one of the education interns. I am currently enrolled at Iowa State University as an Elementary Education major and this fall I will be starting my junior year. As the education intern, I help facilitate and plan youth and adult tours, Kids’ Story Time, Plant Pals, Discovery Stations, and the Summer Enrichment program at Ames Middle School. As I help plan and facilitate these programs, I am gaining great experience that I could use in my future classroom. The experience I will gain this summer will help me present information in a more coherent way and I will know how to find activities that will help my students meet the goals of the lesson. I am also gaining a large amount of experience in teaching to various age groups. I am also learning a lot about Reiman Gardens. For example, I am learning about how Reiman Gardens is run, what types of plants we grow, and the types of butterflies we fly. This internship has been a blast so far and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store.