“Party at the Gardens”

outdoor party under a tent at Reiman Gardens celebrating our 20th anniversary

Reiman Gardens keeps things interesting by creating a new theme for the Gardens every year. This year the theme celebrates the past, present and future. Having been around for 20 years, Reiman Gardens has a lot to be proud of and this theme expresses that pride by reflecting on the past, looking to the future and embracing the present. To embrace the present, they have created a giant birthday cake in the center of the south field. This birthday cake reminds attendees of the celebration to be had for Reiman Garden’s 20th birthday.

Along with the birthday cake, the Gardens recently had a ‘birthday party’. The 20th Anniversary party was a great way to acknowledge the celebration at hand. It encouraged people to visit the Gardens and see current exhibits like the inTREEguing tree houses. The celebration also gave Mr. and Mrs. Reiman the opportunity to speak to the Reiman Gardens community. There was no better way to embrace a moment in an organization’s timeline. The music, food, dancing, kind words, congregation, and beautiful grounds provided many with memories of celebration that will last a lifetime.