Witnessing the Beauty and Benefits of Butterflies

Greetings! My name is Sarah, and as the Entomology Intern this summer, you can often find me in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing and lab while I care for the plants, sort pupae received from shipments, release butterflies at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily, or hang around to gladly answer your questions. As an Animal Science major, I have a passion for animals and how they significantly influence our lives.

At Reiman Gardens we hope to convey an appreciation for butterflies and the important role they play as pollinators of the aesthetic flowering plants, crops, and vegetables we rely on. The Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing offers a wonderful environment to observe and learn about these marvelous and beautiful insects. With the Butterfly Wing first opening in November 2002, we are celebrating nearly thirteen years of butterfly flight! Today the Butterfly Wing houses up to 800 butterflies, providing the perfect opportunity to witness butterfly pollination in action when you visit.

Photo caption: Pictured is a 2003 photograph of the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing when it was just recently opened. Come see today’s Butterfly Wing, displaying larger plants and more butterflies.