A Journey Through Time

outdoors at Reiman Gardens in summer with colorful plantings and tropical plants and succulents

Have you ever wondered what the future will look like or what the past looked like? In the Children’s Garden, we are featuring a display called Little Landscapes, which gives a glimpse of the past, present, and future. The past landscape features a variety of tropical plants that we believed would have been around when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We also have some topiary dinosaurs among the tropical plants and there is a small water feature incorporated into the display. The present landscape has a more contemporary landscape that features a few dwarf versions of common plants. We also have miniature statues of the Campanile, the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing, and the Marston Water Tower near Marston Hall on the Iowa State University campus. The future landscape features more arid plants that do not require much water and a futuristic train. This display allows us to reflect on how a landscape can change through time. It is a fun educational way that children and adults can learn how their actions can affect the environment around them. If you would like to see this display it is located just to the right of the entrance of the Children’s Garden.

-Education Intern, Mandalyn