Celebrating the Now

outdoors at Reiman Gardens in summer with a large circlular planting bed made to loook like a birthday cake

Hello, Dillon again.

Every year Reiman Gardens has a theme which they try to promote and base the entire year’s mission on. This year is our theme is “Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future” which means this year is based on celebrating where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

When we look to our past we had the ability to celebrate the start of Reiman Gardens. Now this is a very fitting theme this year because, if you didn’t know, it is Reiman Gardens 20th year of being established. I’ve had the good fortune of being a part of Reiman Gardens’ 20th anniversary party celebration which was a huge success. Hopefully in the future we’ll be celebrating many more great years of this great institution. I believe that the past is important to learn from, and the future is important to work for. But living, and celebrating the now, is what life is really all about.