Event Management

outside at Reiman Gardens in summer with a band playing and crowds seated on the ground

My name is Tasha, and I am an Event Management student at Iowa State University. I originally chose the event management program after my mother pointed out my constant desire to plan events in my free time. As a kid, I would plan pretend weddings or musicals with my friends and sister. Later, this planning advanced to hiking trips, dinner gatherings and holiday parties. Ever since high school, I have planned my family’s annual Christmas party. Planning is such a natural tendency for me that majoring in it seemed only right.

Since deciding on the event management pathway, my interests and experiences have evolved and strengthened. I have found this past year especially educational with classes becoming more detailed and internships tailoring to my personal attributes. Here at Reiman Gardens I feel proud of my work and experience and the organization as a whole. I love planning and implementing meaningful events for the public from floral shows to Independence Day Celebrations. I love arranging music, entertainment, crafts, food and sharing a beautiful garden with the community. Thanks to Iowa State University’s event management program and Reiman Garden’s wonderful internship opportunities, I believe I have found my niche.