Ever wonder what we do as interns at Reiman Gardens?

Outdoors at Reiman Gardens with the front entrance with the Reiman Gardens rock and planted containers

This summer there are ten interns ranging from Greenhouse Production, Graphic Design and Communications, Retail Management, Education, Landscaping, Entomology, Turfgrass and Irrigation Maintenance, Event Management and Plant Collections.  We specialize in our specific areas working with our supervisors to learn as much as we can in 14 weeks! As part of the internship we have weekly education sessions on Wednesday mornings, where we discuss a variety of topics to become familiar with Reiman Gardens and other non-profit organizations. After the education meetings we go on plant walks to learn how to identify and grow a wide variety of plants to inform our visitors at the gardens. As interns we are able to attend special events throughout the summer such as the 20th Anniversary Celebration where we met Mr. & Mrs. Reiman! Another component of the internship is to do an experience rotation in a different area of Reiman Gardens to see a different perspective. My personal favorite part of the internship is our field trips to other public gardens, arboretums, Botanical Center plus the Omaha Zoo! It give us the opportunity to see what other public gardens are like.