Fireworks for Celebrations

outdoors at Reiman Gardens in summer with a decorative sculpture bead fountain

As Reiman Gardens celebrates its 20th Anniversary there are many exhibits being featured at the Gardens that showcase all aspects of a celebration from the punch to the relish tray. One aspect that is being showcased in the Campanile Garden are fireworks. Fireworks are part of many different types of celebrations from the Fourth of July to baseball games and much more.

This spring the Gardens showcased over 28,000 tulip bulbs that encompassed an explosion of color. Currently, the Campanile Garden is also exploding with color and patterns that are inspired by fireworks. The Campanile Garden is housing beaded firework sculptures as well. These sculptures help tie in the theme even more and are truly a work of art. What better place to sit back and relax to watch the annual fireworks display than in the middle of a fireworks inspired landscape?

– Lauren