Flowers For the Future

close up of a white lily at Reiman Gardens

Hi. This is Jessica again. I have been very fortunate this year to be a part of Reiman Gardens’ 20th anniversary. Though looking back at where the Gardens was is a great way to celebrate, looking at the now can be more appropriate.  A garden, like the plants it contains, grows over time. It blooms, some die back, and it might need the occasional pruning. We do things these things to bring it to peak perfection or as close as we can get.

My job is to keep the Gardens beautiful for the present. To show our current guests what the plants are doing right now. We are now reaping the rewards of our care. The Gardens have transitioned from spring to summer, giving deep purples and tangy yellows. Everyone has worked hard to bring the Gardens to the point it is at now. Celebrate the now. Don’t look back, don’t look forward, for everything right now is beautiful.