Graphic Design & Communications Intern

Reiman Gardens 20th anniversary outside with an event sandwich board

My name is Lauren, and I am the Graphic Design and Communications intern at Reiman Gardens this summer. This means that I am responsible for designing a majority of the print materials for the different events that take place at the Gardens such as the Garden Art Fair, the Lily Fest and other events.

I am about to start my junior year here at Iowa State University as a Graphic Design major. My experience as an intern here at the Gardens is allowing me to gain valuable experience in designing for events and creating an identity to use from start to finish. This experience is teaching me about all of the material that needs to be designed for each event that takes place. I have been able to create an identity for an event and carry it throughout the print materials that are needed for the event to run smoothly, from signs to name tags. I am really excited to be able to use everything I have learned this summer as I continue in my career.