Tropical Fruits

indoors at Reiman Gardens tropical plant conservatory with large tropical trees with green leaves

Hello everyone, my name is Marcelo, that guy from Brazil. Well, I am missing my home a lot during this exchange program. I miss my family and all my friends that I left there. However, here in USA I made a new family, I met awesome friends that I will remember for the rest of my life and that have been important for me here!

I used to work in my grandfather’s farm in Brazil. He is a small farmer who works with fruits. There are two types of fruits that I love, one is called Jabuticaba (a purple gelatinous fruit) and Banana (that we have here in USA). I saw the Jabuticaba tree at Reiman Gardens and I was very happy because it reminded me my grandfather’s farm and my life back to Brazil. I was happy as well when I saw the banana tree in the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. I had that feeling because I did not see a banana tree here with its fruit. Finally, those two events helped me to remember my life there. I am excited because we have a banana tree in the conservatory now and I hope to see fruits there too.