Weeping Norway Spruce

norway spruce

If you’re looking for a tree that will stop you in your place and command your attention, look no further because Reiman Gardens has a treat for you. The weeping Norway spruce is a fun, original, and creative looking tree that is sure to get people to ask where can I get one? The tree really is a masterpiece in itself, but also has a graceful look to it as well. As the tree grows tall, up to 15 feet, the trunk develops a natural bending habit with sweeping branches and branchlets that hang like curtains off the main branch. The needles have an excellent rich green color to them, and the cones are exceptionally showy. The more you look at this tree, the more you’ll develop an appreciation for its wonderful personality because no two weeping Norway spruce resemble each other in habit, floppiness, and beauty.

The weeping Norway spruce, Picea abies ‘Pendula’, is a choice evergreen accent that is native to northern and central Europe. The original use for the weeping Norway spruce was for a holiday tree in Britain. Now a days it’s normal to see this tree being featured in Asian type gardens, terrific for weeping over walls, or to accent a natural water feature, it’s uniquely trained form fits into very difficult spaces and makes an ideal focal point for courtyards and entry gardens with naturalistic landscaping. Alongside of all of that, it also brings life to a somewhat dull scenery during the cold winter months as well.

Some key features that makes the weeping Norway spruce an attractive tree as well is its ability to grow in distinct ways, such as a bonsai tree. You can train your weeping Norway spruce to grow in just about any manner you please giving you the ability to create living art in your own backyard. This tree asks for little maintenance, is water wise, attracts birds, and is deer resistant. This tree enjoys partial to full sun and has a USDA hardy zone from 2-8 giving it the ability to grow in multiple climates. This tree isn’t like your basic every other tree you see in the front yard, I know you will become attached and develop a bond with your very own weeping Norway spruce. A good example of how great this tree would look in your yard is sitting right here in Reiman Gardens, sitting on the service drive right behind the Hunziker House. Come out today and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.



By Dillon – Turfgrass & Irrigation Maintenance Intern