Music in the Gardens

band playing at Reiman Gardens outdoors in the summer

Being a musician, it has been fun for me to recruit and enjoy musicians at the Gardens and even perform myself. Building relationships and appreciation with other musicians this summer has shown me the importance of venues like Reiman Gardens. I love performing and can see that love in many musicians we have hosted at the Gardens. I find it fascinating that some people can make a career out of music and know they must value organizations like Reiman Gardens that give them opportunities to perform for the local community.

Every musical performance I have seen or been a part of at the Gardens has been a treat. I look forward to following the careers of those who I have had the opportunity to experience this summer. Careers in music can be very unpredictable and I admire anyone with the passion and discipline to pursue them. I will continue to build my connection with the musical community in Ames and hope that Reiman Gardens will continue to provide a venue for those harmonious souls.

By Tasha

From left to right: Joey Clemens, Eli, Evan Campbell, and Tasha Waterman and Xairia Opperman of The Roomies