My Future

Reiman Gardens intern smiling at a different public garden

I’m back for my third blog post. I’m going to be talking about my future and how Reiman Gardens relates to my major.

I started my college career out at DMACC with a business major, then transferred to Iowa State majoring in agricultural studies. It wasn’t till the end of last year that I decided that I have a talent at directing/organizing that I decided to change my major to agricultural business to tie in all of my years at college together.

I grew up watching my grandparent’s farm outside a small town that I grew up which was full of farmers. So naturally I’ve always been exposed to the agricultural life which made me itch to get involved. That’s where my love for plants and growing a sustainable future started. I’ve always worked with my hands my whole life from de-tasseling to construction to now digging in the dirt and managing Reiman Gardens’ irrigation system and helping take care of their turf.

Working here at Reiman Gardens has given me some skills that I will be taking with my life after school. Things I’ve learned here such as people skills, diagnosing problems and solving them in a quick manner, and also how to take care of an irrigation system will all help me guide me into the future. The positions I will be looking for after graduation include a management position in the Ag sector, sales of some sort, or hopefully a turf grass management position somewhere out there. I believe we must look to our past to guide us on our journey and use the present for hard work and determination to ultimately get to the future where we want to be.