Shipment of 52 Different Species of Butterflies

close up of a black butterfly with light yellow and red markings on a green leaves

Reiman Gardens recently received a shipment of 52 different species of butterflies in a single shipment, which is a significantly more varied than usual. They include the Magnificent Swallowtail (Papilio garamus) which is large and showy with a cream colored band running across its wings and the New Guinea Birdwings (Oprnithoptera priamus), which are one of the largest butterflies we fly in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing. These and many others make for great butterfly watching.

Plus, now that there are four benches in the Butterfly Wing, it makes for one of the warmest, most luxuriously sunny and comfortable spots to escape the cold central Iowa winters.

— Nathan Brockman, Butterfly Wing Curator — photo caption: Magnificent Swallowtail (Papilio garamus)