About the Job: Joi Latson – Education Intern

an intern who is planting plants in the Edible Garden

Every day in education brings something new! We might give youth tours inside or lead an adult tour outside. We have a few programs that we are in charge of every week such as Plant Pals, Kid’s Story Time, and the Summer Enrichment Program at the Middle School.

One of the programs that I am in charge of is Plant Pals. Every other Thursday, kids will learn how to work in a garden, how to grow vegetables, and will also be able to taste a new treat, usually a vegetable. We’ve tasted kale popcorn, pickles, broccoli, and cucumbers so far.

All of the kids really enjoy getting their hands dirty and using the trowels and hose to take care of the garden.  It is also a fun learning experience for me, since I’ve only worked in a garden a few times before this. I can’t wait to watch all of our vegetables grow!