About the Job: Nathan Braun – Turf Grass & Irrigation Intern

irrigation system at the Gardens

A workday at Reiman Gardens is usually never the same as it was the day before. I really like this part of the job, and I think it is what makes it so interesting. For me as the irrigation intern, I work in one of the three crews just like any other outdoor gardening crew member, but I get to fix the irrigation problems on top of the other responsibilities.

The majority of the irrigation fixes have been in the shade which is nice seeing as it has been in the 90’s for as long as I can remember! These are a nice break from the majority of my work which usually isn’t in the shade.

For my internship project I decided to create an inventory of all of the irrigation equipment. I have run into some issues where I don’t have the correct part to make a fix which causes us to have to bring in someone to help me fix it. This costs extra money which could be fixed if we knew what we have and what we don’t. That way we can make sure we have everything we need to make a fix. Pictured is the first irrigation head that I successfully fixed.