Malachite & Rusty Tip Butterflies

two closee ups of butterflies. one butterfly has black and green markings. the second has brown, white and orange markings

Through the end of June, you’ll get a chance to see two impressive butterflies in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing.

The Malachite (Siproeta stelenes) and Rusty Tip (Siproeta epaphus) butterflies arrive from our tropical suppliers in their chrysalis forms. At that point, they look almost identical.

Both are a light green with impressive looking spins coming off one side. But as adults, although they are similar sizes and have the same general wing shape, the two butterflies have drastically different colors and wing patterns. The Malachites look similar to the gorgeous stone for which they are named—striking lime green with black. The also appropriately named Rusty Tip butterfly is decked out in black and white with vibrant orange-tipped wings.