Meet the Interns: Anna Broderick

Reiman Gardens entomology intern wearing a lab coat in the butterfly with chrysalis

My name is Anna Broderick (middle), and I will be the entomology intern this summer. I am double majoring in biology and psychology. As of right now, I don’t know exactly what I want to do with this. However, I would love to go into teaching and/or work with the environment (such as a national park).

I came about this internship with my research with bees. During second semester of my junior year, I worked in the lab with bees and really enjoyed it. This sprouted my interests in entomology, and I decided to apply for the entomology internship at Reiman Gardens. It was among my interest, and it was paid (which is hard to find for biology). So far, I absolutely love the internship and work experience I have gained.