Meet the Interns: Joi Latson

Reiman Gardens intern standing in front of the pinned butterfly specimins

My name is Joi, and I am one of the education interns this summer. I will be junior this fall at Iowa State double majoring in Global Resource Systems and Spanish with a minor in Nutritional Science. Globe is a fairly new major on campus, and only one other university has it as a primary major. With Globe, students are required to take a language and choose a technical area to focus in. We study how resources are being used in different regions, the distribution of these capitals, are they sustainable, etc.  Globe encompasses a lot and sometimes can be difficult to explain, but I’m glad that I chose it as a major!

As an education intern, I help plan and lead programs such as Plant Pals, Story Time, tours, summer enrichment programs, and more.  After graduation I plan on working in community and public health, and all this experience will definitely help me in the future! Communicating with the public is an important factor when it comes to community health. This job gives me the opportunity to do a lot of face-to-face work with people of every age group. I look forward to all of the programs and projects that I get to be a part of this summer!