Meet the Interns: Meeso Kim

close up of a purple and white flower with a yellow center

Hello, my name is Meeso Kim, and I am the glasshouse intern at Reiman Gardens. My major is horticulture with the emphasis of landscape and design and a minor in animal science. I came to Iowa State University as an animal science major for two years and then recently this year I changed my major to horticulture. The reason I decided to change my major is because I felt that I couldn’t find myself in a career along the road, and I always felt like I’ve been trying to find a place in that major.

I have learned so much about the animal industry, and I am very glad to have that knowledge. I’ve been in horticulture for one semester, and I already feel at home. This major comes a lot more naturally to me, and I have a lot of fun learning every aspect of it. I recently took Hort 322 which is about propagation, and I had a great time with Dr. Schrock. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with working in the greenhouse and will continue to grow my knowledge in this area.