Meet the Interns: Taylor Swearingen

Reiman Gardens intern standing and smiling in front of a sculpture exhibit made from legos

My name is Taylor, and I am one of the education interns this summer. This fall I will be a junior at Iowa State University, double majoring in biology and speech communication.

I am extremely interested in animals and wildlife ecology, but after spending some time here at Reiman Gardens, I’ve discovered there are a lot of cool things to learn about plants as well. In my future I hope to combine my knowledge of wildlife and ecology with my public speaking skills to educate people all about the amazing parts of nature and the importance of conservation.

This summer I am so excited to have the opportunity to join the education team and reach out to children and students of all ages, as well as the visiting adults. As an intern, I will be helping out and planning programs such as Kids Story Time, Plant Pals, and summer camps. I will also be able to educate students about the life cycles of butterflies and plants by leading youth tours. I am so excited to spend the summer at Reiman Gardens surrounded by nature, and to help show people of all ages how amazing it really is here!