About the Job: Debbi Regennitter – Landscape and Garden Maintenance Intern

outdoors at a botanical garden with a bucket planted in colorful red flowers that are cascading with orange flowers at the base

Reiman Gardens’ theme this year: color, is expressed in several different ways in different parts of the Gardens.

If color makes you think of rainbows, take a walk through the Children’s Garden to find buckets of color spilling out into the flower beds. The bucket spills are planted with primary color (red, yellow, and blue) flowers where they mix together in the beds to create the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple). If you are looking for something less traditional, check out the brown border located in the Dunlap Courtyard or the silver border next to the brick pathway south of the Mahlstede Building.

The Campanile Garden was influenced by British Horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll. Gertrude was influential to the arts and crafts movement of 1880-1910. Her plantings tended toward vibrant colors in brush stroke swaths. The Campanile Garden looks and feels like a giant garden painting.

Several unexpected twists to color can be found in the Home Production Garden. Besides having a color wheel made up of colorful plates, they have beautiful red, orange, and purple trellises alongside vegetables of matching colors. If you don’t think of carrots as red or peas being purple go check it out.