About the Job: Meeso Kim – Glasshouse Intern

floral arrangement in the shape of two peacocks with roses, grasses and feathers

The daily work for the glasshouse internship always starts with morning watering. Everyone who comes in the morning knows what to do and where to go. Morning watering is my favorite part of the day because I feel like I can drink my coffee and enjoy the relaxation of watering plants. It’s amazing to see that nurturing the plants makes them look better, grow faster, or flower or fruit. We also deadhead or prune a lot of plants. Now that many of the plants are getting more sun, we have been transplanting them into bigger pots.

So the project that I am working on is to put in a carnivorous bog garden in the Hughes Conservatory on the perimeters. I think it would be a great way to show diversity in plants as well as to teach the visitors about these species. There are carnivorous species that have an active trap to somewhat active to inactive traps. I hope to show all three types of carnivorous plants in the conservatory for the visitors.