close up of a large blue green succulent with spiky leaves

There are more than 200 hybrids of the agave plant, but the Blue Glow in particular can be found here in Reiman Gardens. Blue Glow is a smaller agave species since it only grows up to 2 feet tall and no more than 3 feet wide. This herbaceous perennial plant may be called the “Century Plant”, but it can actually bloom once every ten years. Many other hybrids might take twenty to thirty years to mature and may only bloom once in their lifetime. After they bloom, little “pups” can be seen growing under the leaves and are easy to plant directly in the soil to sprout new plants.

They make great houseplants because of their small size, and they don’t need to be watered too often.  Blue Glow doesn’t get as long as other agave plants and is perfect for compact pots. They can tolerate up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and a light frost. Indoor houseplants might rarely bloom, while outdoor plants may bloom within a 10 to 15 year range. Indoor potted Blue Glow may grow all year around. If you would like to see this agave plant and others like it, stop by the Hughes Conservatory on your trip to Reiman Gardens.

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