Go More In-Depth with Bailey Bolke

close up of colorful butterflies

Color is all around us, and here at Reiman Gardens our 2016 summer theme is color! The Gardens are filled with bright plants and objects to resemble our bold theme. To add to our color experience we decided to bring back Nature Connects®! We have multiple sculptures built with LEGO® bricks throughout the Gardens that gives our place that extra pop. I, Bailey, work in the Gift Shop as the retail intern. The items we buy for the store this summer almost always has color.

We want to stick to the theme each year. So if you come in and look around our fabulous coffee and gift shop you will see lots of bright, bold colors all around you. Some examples of this are our bright, large metal objects that came in from Mexico. They are multi colored metal in the shape of flowers, turtles and even a frog. Other items include Bottle Benders which are wind chimes made out of recycled bottles; those are made in the US. The theme helps connect the Gift Shop to the Gardens each year. So come in and see what color has to offer you.