Go More In-Depth with Kelsey Griffith

plants of interest table with colorful cut flowers

It’s a great time to explore Reiman Gardens this summer. With many of the plants in full bloom, our 2016 theme of ‘color’ is more noticeable than ever! One way to make sure you see everything the Gardens have to offer is to check out our weekly Plants of Interest table. You can find cuttings of the current selection on display just outside of the Hughes Conservatory, along with handouts that include a list of the ten most interesting plants in the Gardens this week, and a map to show you where to find them.

Every Monday morning, I set out new Plants of Interest. I really enjoy walking the Gardens with a notepad and picking out which plants to feature next. In keeping with the theme, I try to keep a variety of colors on the display table — from pink lilies to lime green zinnias to purple peas. Whenever something new comes into bloom, I try to make sure that pop of color is properly appreciated. It doesn’t matter what your favorite color is, it can be found somewhere at Reiman Gardens. Next time you visit, keep an eye on the Plants of Interest and experience a horticultural rainbow.