Go More In-Depth with Meeso Kim

floral arrangement of roses floating in water

Today, I will be talking about the theme this year at Reiman Gardens. Most of the plants in the Hughes Conservatory represent the theme for this year which is color!

If you have noticed the plants in the center bed have a variety of colors. There are peacock plants that have a purple and black foliage as well as the yellow shrimp plant that gives the extra pop of color.

The perimeter where the three planters are located are covered in Chinese evergreens. The color of the foliage is from light pink to dark pink with light green to dark green. The three planters contain colorful Coleus with pink Impatiens surrounding it.

Currently in the greenhouse there are more than 100 cuttings of mums of variety of different colors. This will be used throughout the Gardens once they have matured.