Go More In-Depth with Taylor Swearingen

sculpture exhibit of a large sculpture that looks like a pansy that is made of lego bricks

This year our education programs are full of color. Guests of Reiman Gardens explore color usage while participating in nature painting or outdoor photography classes. Hundreds of students this summer have discovered unique patterns of color on their visits. But one of my favorite ways we are interpreting the theme of color is through the exhibit Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® Bricks.

Guests of the Gardens can discover the meanings of color in nature by exploring the 13 sculptures currently displayed at Reiman Gardens. Each sculpture shows a unique example of how color is important and connected to each organism’s survival in the wild. For example, the sculpture of a young deer shows how the color pattern of its coat helps it stay hidden from predators.

The color choice for the pollinator on the pansy sculpture is especially unique. Insects, such as the bee, are not able to see the color red. Even though the pansy is a vibrant purple color, the insect is attracted to the flower by other means, such as a very fragrant smell or an ultraviolet pattern. This sculpture is just one of the many fascinating examples of color in nature you can discover at Reiman Gardens this summer!