Go More In-Depth with Joi Latson

Reiman Gardens intern with youth education crafts

If you join us for any of our children’s programs, you will find that we are always crafting something new! Whether it be folding origami butterflies with summer camp, or tissue paper flowers for story time, or even creating our own coloring books at Discovery Stations, in all of our education programs, we want everyone to unleash their creative side.

All of our children’s crafts fit in perfectly with our theme of color this year.  We encourage the kids to think outside the box when it comes to creating their projects.  During one of our story times, we made a bucket of worms, by folding an origami cup, and cutting crinkly strips of paper to create our worms.  Some kids wanted to stick with pink worms, while others decided that maybe blue or purple might look nice for a bucket of worms. Also for the Beatrix Potter event, one of our crafts was to make pompom mice. Children made mice using bright neon yellow pompoms while others had blue button eyes with sparkly gold pipe cleaner tails.

Regardless if you want to make the stem of your flower cobalt blue and the tail of your squirrel violet with glitter, all usage of color is encouraged!