Go More In-Depth with Morgan Stewart

outdoors at a botanical garden in summer with large green trees, and yellow and pink flowers

One great thing about visiting Reiman Gardens is that what you see is always changing. One day you will go outside and see a green plant, and then the next day it is blooming beautiful, colorful flowers. Not only do the Gardens change day by day, but they also change year by year. Each year Reiman Gardens picks a new theme to keep the Gardens interesting for its visitors. This year’s theme is color.

My favorite part of the outdoor gardens that represents this theme is Joey & Jesse’s Herb Garden.  Since many herbs are green, there was a creative approach taken on this area, the Herb Garden is “FluoreSCENT”. You can smell many different herbs while visiting, such as sage, basil, and eucalyptus. There are Zinnias of many different colors such as orange, yellow, and pink standing tall to add a pop of color to the pop of colorful smells while you are in the Herb Garden.