Kentucky Wisteria

two photos of wisteria plants, one in bloom and another one with seed pods

It’s wedding season, and one of our popular ceremony areas is the Jones Rose Garden. Brides like to walk under the pergola which is covered in beautiful Kentucky Wisteria. Kentucky Wisteria is similar to American Wisteria, however it produces flowers after only two to three years which makes it the fastest blooming Wisteria.

Kentucky Wisteria is a woody, deciduous vine. The vines can grow to 25 or 30 feet, and the flowers grow in racemes of 15-30 centimeters long. Kentucky Wisteria has unscented violet-blue flowers which does have varying colors such as white, pink, and deep reddish. After the leaves fall a beanlike velvety pod remains. Kentucky Wisteria prefers a deep, rich, moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter. A sunny location is best in order for it to maximize flower production. It has a USDA hardiness zone of 4 to 9.

Vines can be used in areas where space is limited. They can be used as dividers, barriers, or provide privacy for the patio or porch. Since the plant must be staked in an upright position they are great for arbors and pergolas. However, they shouldn’t be planted too closely to trees or shrubs because it will choke them out.

Kentucky Wisteria can be found in the Jones Rose Garden at Reiman Gardens so if you don’t get the chance to see a bride making her entrance under the Kentucky Wisteria, be sure to check it out for yourself.