Emma Kachelmeyer – Water Theme in the Gift Shop

indoors at a botanicl garden outside a gift shop with items for sale like clothes, purses, lamps and home decor.

Every year our garden has a new theme to keep Reiman Gardens’ look and plants different. With the change of theme comes new decorations, new plants, new classes, and speakers. This year the theme at the Gardens is water. Guests can see the Washed Ashore sculptures throughout the Gardens that are made of trash from the sea. Water is a fun theme because there are so many different directions you can take with it. There’s water everywhere in the country, whether it be at the coast, on the lake, or by a creak, everyone is surrounded by water in their everyday life.

To keep the flow of the theme throughout the Gift Shop, we’ve stocked fun water themed items. There’s a lot you can find in the Gift Shop, but some of our water specific items are lake decor, octopus and starfish ornaments, sea creature figurines, and nautical themed decor. Every year we try to bring in products that reflect the theme so customers can purchase something to remember their trip to the Gardens that year. So, if you’re looking for a souvenir after your trip, stop in the Gift Shop to find a fun water themed gift!