Hannah Bengtson — A Day in the Life

Reiman Gardens intern photo of families with kids

A day in the life of an education intern consists of a lot of planning for future programs, since we have so many recurring weekly. On Tuesdays, we have Plant Pals. This program focuses on giving children hands-on gardening experience, especially growing foods that they might eat regularly at home. Our intention is to get kids to think more about where their food comes from and how they are even able to grow it for themselves!

We are going to focus on a different vegetable or fruit every week. We will discuss what the foliage of different plants look like and what part of them we usually eat. I hope that the kids can walk away a little dirty and with more knowledge about plants.

If we are not planning or leading a program, we are probably helping with a guided tour. Even though school tours have ended for the season, we have had a lot of summer camps or day cares coming in. Each day is different here, which just makes every day a new learning opportunity.

Hannah Bengtson