Clara Kittleson – Intern Project

botanical garden intern standing in the tropical plant conservatory with a video camera recording footage

As one of the education interns, my job includes a lot of planning and brainstorming. We have a few weekly programs like Kids Story Time and Plant Pals that we are always working to improve. We also have some less frequent programs like our summer camps that require even more work. I enjoy planning out these programs, but I decided early on that I wanted to complete a project with a tangible end product this summer. In May, as I was helping out with school tours, I noticed that the welcome video that was shown at the beginning of every school tour was a little outdated, so I decided to make a new video for my summer project.

With help from some of our volunteer tour guides, our entomology staff and my supervisors, I am working on rewriting and ultimately redoing the entire welcome video. This has included writing an entirely new script, filming areas around the Gardens, and editing it all together. I am excited for my project to come together, and I hope that it will continue to be useful into the future!

Clara Kittleson